Thursday, October 30, 2014

But I don't take no one's advice

I don't go for this all guys are dummies stuff you see on TV where every woman's a patient saint & every guy's a dolt, but when it comes to the war of the sexes I guess it might be a little bit true. All I know for sure is most of us guys are getting our butts kicked. Well anyway, move it on over. Scoot it on over. This dog house here is mighty small but it's better than no house at all.

Saturday, October 25, 2014

It's getting near dawn

Played at ear-splitting and (I later found out) permanent inner-ear damaging volume, this song rocked my world at the age of 14. Before hearing this I owned just two albums (which i still love every bit as much today as I did as a wee virgin lad) and for which i inadvertently but almost permanently memorized every lyric: Rubber Soul & Highway 61 Revisited.

Cream was the first band I ever heard that I didn't (initially at least) stress on the lyrics. Because the sound just floored me. When I learned it was just 3 guys making all this noise I didn't believe it. (Were they the world's first power trio? They sure were to me.) Then I slapped on the headphones, turned it up as high as it would go ... and became a believer.

That Ginger's beat follows every 60s TV Western version of an Indian War Dance just makes it sweeter: BUM dum dum dum/BUM dum dum dum.

But the bass riff is the most solid foundation & the first thing i learned to pick out on a guitar and piano (and i suspect i'm not the only one in that regard). Jack Bruce rest in peace. P.S. Turn it up.

PS late breaking news, pls check out this:

Goodbye to Jack Bruce

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Raindrops on roses & whiskers on kittens

This is my favorite place of employment as of today

This is my favorite comma joke so far

This, despite having "met," in a handshake way, i think without counting carefully, 6 of the peeps in the following, including Douglas Laycock as The Sheepdog, is my favorite Supreme Court coverage of the 2014 Term

This is my favorite Wonder Dog forever, though if I am lucky I will love others before I go belly up

This is my favorite Stooge and improvisational comedy artist. Happy Birthday, Curly.

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

What if I didn't WANT to buy the potion?

Our friends the Turks, sitting on their sullen hands while the barbarians chew up the outgunned Kurds a few kilometers away. No better & no worse than Stalin & the Red Army smirking at the Poles as they died within haling distance across the Vistula. "Smart diplomacy." Bah.

Only Axman13 knows how I feel.