Sunday, December 2, 2012

I don't see nobody walking you home

Locally, as opposed to internationally, some good stuff has happened since I last graced the internets, featuring among others:

Item 1! Eddy from Pittsburgh contacting me and then burning and mailing at his own expense a CD of the entire bootleg 12/31/80 Kinks concert at the Palladium in NYC, featuring among other wonders the Kinks cover of the Everly Brothers' “Johnny Was a Bird Dog”;

Item 2! Internet friend Steve Simels, the finest rock critic I've virtually known, sending me a (truly) fine hot-off-the-press power pop pop-pop Album-They-Never-Made compilation CD of music that he and his friends made 40 years ago as The Floor Models;

Item 3! Ms. Who showing me the way to finish our driveway repairs so that Casa Who is now accessible to any peace & love type who might want to drop by;

and all this kind of thing, but at the moment, I must note that

Item 4! while I am so grateful to have several great friends, only one of them eats 3 bowls of kibble a day and has courageously deterred an actual imminent mugging of yours truly. That would be my good friend and companion Rusko the Wonder Dog, a stray who Ms. Who rescued when he was a malnourished pup with the help of the good people at our city's animal control.

Now Rusko's a strong 9 month old and a joy to spend the whole day hiking with.


thingy said...

Aaaaaawwwww. : )

Charlie_Mac said...

Nice pix - you'll have to tell me more about the attempted assault over eggnog (or beverage of your choice) in good ol' MN around the holidays...

mister muleboy said...

That's my favourite pet dog/wolf/companion around.

harder to feed than a 9mm, but oh-so-much-less controversial. . . .

and since when did a pistol lick yer face and make puppy eyes at ya?

Who Am Us Anyway? said...

thingy, 'tis true: this dog gets me all sen-ti-men-TAL -- & I just caint hep it. He's a good dog.

Charlie, will do, although I should clarify that the attempted strong arm robbery was not over eggnog


Mr. Mule, aye, Rusko most truly did earn his keep and prove his value in the self-protection racket, though to be honest I can't say there wouldn't still be times when a 9 mm would be more effective than even a great dog.