Friday, March 15, 2013

It's no secret

Given how taken i've always been by Jefferson Airplane's morning maniac music, first heard by this barely 15-year-old Who after the purely lovely movie theater ticket girl had mercy and let me into the R for revolutionary rated Woodstock, I got to thinking how cool it was that the Airplane & Grace ever hooked up, as it were, at all.

Like Lennon & McCartney, like Jagger & Richards: Grace & the Airplane.


Here's the pre-Grace Slick Jefferson Airplane, with Marty Balin's stunningly vulnerable and haunting It's No Secret:

Then, stroke of genius, as my dad said right after his stroke (true story): The band opted to get married to Grace Slick, heard here covering The Jaynetts' Sally Go Round the Roses with her pre-Airplane band, The Great Society, and how.

What could possibly go wrong? Plenty, obviously, but not before a ton of great, great music.

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Clarence Darrow said...

I haven't embraced the Jeffesron Airplane, but for a long time I wanted to place my penis beyond Grace Slick's vulva into her vagina and kinda slosh it all around.

You know, to see what would happen. . . .

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