Saturday, July 27, 2013

4-Pronged Public Service Message No. 1


Know your Local Poison Ivy! Come a creepin' a-rou-ow-ow-ounnnd ... Photo by moi!


Explosive New Zimmerman News!

The Code!

The Translation!

The Unreleased Bootleg!

The MP3 is HERE! Recorded at "The Other End," aka "The Bitter End" where I once having no company & little money was able to spend a tremendously fun and semi-memorable afternoon & night!


Remember I TOLD you before to please listen to Shinyribs! Man this guy is on a roll.



Mythical Monkey said...

Ah, the Zimmermann Telegram -- one of the great, forgotten episodes of American history, which tied into another great, forgotten episode of American history -- Pancho Villa's raid on Columbus, New Mexico, that left 18 U.S. citizens dead and General Black Jack Pershing's failed punitive expedition to capture him. The whole thing played out like Afghanistan Jr. and is part of the reason why we took the Zimmermann Telegram so seriously when on the face of it, it seems sort of ludicrous.

Fascinating stuff.

Who Am Us Anyway? said...

Ah, Black Jack ... I hadn't known about him chasing Pancho! Was most legendary in my mind (which is the only mind I even somewhat know, so there's that) for ordering idiotic assaults across heavily defended rivers and no man's lands in the wee hours of Armistice Day, which all knew was set to end the War at 11 a.m., thereby killing thousands of troops for approximately no reason whatsoever other than, I dunno, he could? Signed, Arm Chair General Who