Friday, August 16, 2013

Good dog you

Holding Rusko the Wonderdog off this possum he was chasing when it gave up the run and fell over to play dead was not so much an act of mercy on my part as it was sheer terror that this possum would have an opportunity to (justifiably) slash my good dog with his very impressive incisors. Seriously, click to enlarge the canines on this very much alive 'possum.

I must report because it's true that even though Rusko was off leash and visibly shaking with excitement and pride at having chased this possum to the ground, he stopped on my voice command when I had nothing to back it up with except love.

Doesn't mean nothing in this world, but the honest truth is that at that moment when Rusko stopped and looked me in the eyes to say "I can't BELIEVE you're serious, but if you say so, OK, then," I was never more proud of anything I'd ever accomplished in my life than I was to get this good dog to trust me even when it meant flying in the face of all his instincts. What a good dog.


Maggie Jean said...

Good doggie. Yikes! What big teeth he has!

Maggie Jean said...

Hey, my comment worked!

Who Am Us Anyway? said...

They are! It did!

But I had no idea HOW big until i got up close to this critter to take a photo, then backed away quickly before actually taking this shot. I mean that guy could cause some damage with those incisors.

As Rusko closed in on this possum he fell over in mid-stride like a cartoon character, making Rusko overshoot him by 10 feet in a fog of flailing paws and dust and leaves. And then we both were like -- what the heck? Did this critter just have a heart attack? That was when i remembered that this is what possums DO. Sure enough, he waited until Rusko and I were around the bend, and then when i doubled back to check mr. possum was already in 3rd gear & heading off trail.