Tuesday, October 8, 2013

A hard world to get a break in

Free will can only exist if there are different possible futures and you are able to influence which one becomes reality. This necessitates to begin with that there are different possible futures. In a deterministic theory, like all our classical theories, this just isn’t the case - there’s only one future, period. The realization that classically the future is fully determined by the present goes back at least to Laplace and it’s still as true today as it was then.
-- Courtesy of BackReAction, which says "You probably have no free will. But don’t worry about it."

But, not having any free will, I cannot help but find this alleged state of affairs deeply ... unsatisfactory.

Oh hey it's Hullabaloo, 1965. If you were 10 years old in '65 & had a transistor radio or even just went to the public swimming pool where the teenage boys & girls hung out to sunbathe & smoke cigarettes & listen to THEIR transistors, you knew all about this song. I sure did.

Meanwhile note that the trophy heads in the following video are a clue all by themselves that this musical performance was not recorded in 2013. Indeed the opening riff may have been the first simple riff I learned to play by ear, not knowing what the notes were.


Anonymous said...

It is funny that we worry about the future being fixed, but prefer the past that way.

We are traumatized that it might have been preordained that we have cheerios for breakfast tomorrow, but happy we don't live in a world where we might wake up to find the Germans won WWII. -MC

Who Am Us Anyway? said...

To be fair, Cheerios wouldn't traumatize me. Not fresh, crispy, crunchy Cheerios. The whole oatmeal thing, on the other hand ... and no, i don't care if it's "steel cut" -- oatmeal is still mush. Slowly congealing, cooling, thickening ... good for holding your dentures in place I'm sure, but still. So yeah, to your point though, I guess in the end it is the traumatic fear of preordained oatmeal that draws me to the comforting multiverse theory of yore.

Charlie_Mac said...

Creepy for sure...the chorus is C Dm F and G, over and over. Learned that one fairly early too...how you been?

Who Am Us Anyway? said...

Dude i've been working like a nematode but then again the first 5 days after the weekend are always the hardest. Let's talk this weekend when we can look at our calendars for a musical rendezvous. Among other ideas the Artist's Quarter in your backyard is going to close this winter for lack of paying customers so I need to drag you there before it's too late.